EXG 400 Grain Bagger Brochure

EXG 400 Grain Bag Unloader

  • AKRON features an exclusive, patented centre bottom gearbox location for simple operation.
  • Our patented Grain Pusher feature cleans up the end of every bag, right down to the very last bit of grain.
  • The hydrostatic ability to pull the machine into the bag by winding it up at the same time, allows you to control the speed that you can unload. Easy to use, simple to adjust.
  • With a couple quick pins, you can swing the EXG400 into field or transport position.
  • The EXG400 now features high flotation tires with a reinforced axle system to accommodate the extra weight when unloading in wet and soft ground conditions.
  • Greater ground clearance is a standard feature.
  • AKRON now offers a 16.5 foot wide roller to wind up the bag, which can roll up to a 500 foot bag, and up to 12 feet wide. The 27.5 inch bag deflectors ensure trouble free rolling.
  • Unmatched performance, by moving 280 ton per hour, or 10,300 bushels per HOUR!
  • Optional heavy duty augers are available.
  • Operating lights are a standard feature.