The Kelly Diamond Harrow is quickly becoming the tool of choice across Western Canada, to help deal with sprayer and combine ruts. Wet conditions have created a lot of seeding issues for many producers but by simply running over the land with the Kelly harrow, it not only helps dry and level the top soil, but it also creates a great seed bed for planting directly into. Videos are worth a thousand words…


Kelly Diamond Harrow Brochure
Model 45 Assembly & Parts Manual
Model 65 Parts Manual
CL2 Chain Configuration
Hydraulic Sequence Valves

Kelly Diamond Harrow

  • Helps dry and level soil in the wet years and helps conserve
    moisture in dry climates.
  • The perfect tool to smooth over almost all crop conditions,
  • pasture and hay land
  • Destroys mole hills, deep ruts, slough grass and cat tails
  • Requires less HP than typical tillage units with high travel speed
  • Makes a perfect seedbed year after year for a better crop stand
  • Superb weed control
  • Very low maintenance with long lasting chain and disc options
  • A long list of satisfied customers from all over the world
The Kelly Diamond Harrow is one of the best pre-seeding tools we sell in our area. It helps dry out the gumbo soil, levels ruts and makes a superb seedbed. Our customers love it!Markussons New Holland, Emerald Park, SK