Mainero was founded in 1933 in Argentina. Its product ranges include harvest, forage conservation, storage, rationing and silage. Mainero manufactures about 4000 machines per year with 400 employees, maintaining leadership in technology, quality, reliability and market share in the domestic market. Its first exports to neighbouring countries date back to the 1967. Today it is present on five continents.

  • The MDD100 solves a lot of corn harvest issues across North America. Mainero designed this corn head to harvest corn in almost any row spacing, and in every direction.

    Mainero MDD-100 Corn Header

  • The 2230 model has, as standard equipment, a hopper for receiving material from self-dischargeable trailers. It features a mouth of generous dimensions that eases the operator task.

    2230 Dry Grain Bagger

  • For 10 ft diameter bags (3.04 m). With a great storage capacity of 5 tons per linear bag meter. (350 tons in 75 m bags).

    2240 Dry Grain Bagger