2240 Dry Grain Bagger Brochure
2240 Dry Grain Bagger Manual
2241 Dry Grain Bagger Manual

2240/2241 Dry Grain Bagger

For 10 ft diameter bags (3.04 m). With a great storage capacity of 5 tons per linear bag meter. (350 tons in 75 m bags).

With a 450 mm (17.72 in) diameter auger: High speed bagging (more than 400 ton/hour) and an auger wing of 8 mm thick (0.31 in) coated with hard material: with greater wear resistance.

The filling tunnel, due to its “flattened” shape, facilitates natural flux of material inside the bags, providing an evenly filling that makes the most of the storage capacity.

The 2240 has a hopper of generous dimensions to receive material from trailers and self-dischargeable hoppers to ease the operator’s work. This hopper is mounted over a rotating ring that makes easier its rotation to different positions.

The stretching of the bag and therefore its storage capacity, is adjusted through a disc brake system, mounted over both wheels, and the braking force is graduated by a independent pump, manually operated.

A spear transport kit comes as a standard, to reduce its width.